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Partnerships With Business and Industry

The Institute's mission includes both fundamental and translational components. As interested as our faculty are in the pursuit of new scientific information, they are equally eager to see their discoveries grow into new therapeutics that improve human health. We achieve that goal by partnering with businesses and industry to further develop our scientists' work.

For example, the Institute is collaborating with Seahorse Bioscience in North Billerica, Massachusetts, to develop noninvasive technology to measure how cells produce and use energy-information that will advance scientists' understanding of cell metabolism, a key process involved in obesity, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

It is through relationships such as this that we are able to further the translational component of the Institute's mission. There are a number of ways we can collaborate with business and industry.

Intellectual Property and Technology Commercialization: The Institute pursues patents for inventions and discoveries founded by our scientists, including new assays, animal models, and potential therapeutic agents.

Industry-Sponsored Research: Collaboration between the Institute's scientists and industry can lead to exciting new research findings and novel diagnostics and therapeutics. Companies may wish to work with one of our scientists or, when appropriate, with a multidisciplinary team that includes University of Massachusetts Amherst researchers and Baystate Medical Center physicians.

Contract Research and Services: Businesses that partner with the Institute can take advantage of our expertise and facilities to augment their own research and development capabilities. We can be particularly useful to small companies with limited resources that need comprehensive histology services, confocal laser microscopy, cell and molecular biology expertise, in vivo imaging, or evaluation of technical feasibility and relevance.

If your company is interested in partnering with the Institute, please contact Dr. Paul Friedmann at 413.794.0653 or by email,