An Innovative Space for Innovative Science

The Institute is housed in an innovative biomedical research space designed to maximize scientific interaction among diverse researchers. The 25,000-square-foot facility includes new lab and meeting space added during a $4.3 million expansion project that concluded in 2011. The Institute's campus is fully equipped and staffed for animal care, histology, cell culture, and molecular biology. The open floor plan encourages collaboration among teams and allows researchers to share major equipment.

Shared equipment includes:

Molecular Biology Core

  • BSL2+ facilities for containment of biohazards
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer
  • Nanodrop spectrophotometer
  • 2 Luminometer
  • Amaxa Nucleofector
  • 2 Stratagene MX3005 real time PCR machines
  • 5 BioRad C-1000 thermocyclers
  • PTC-100 thermocycler
  • Microtiter plate reader (UV/Vis/Fluorescent)
  • Ultralum gel quantification system
  • Coulter live/dead cell counter

Metabolism Core

  • SeaHorse respirometer allowing real-time measurement of metabolic flux
  • Echo-MRI-100 qNMR instrument for body composition in rodents
  • metabolic cages for rodents (Silva Lab)
  • Rodent treadmill
  • Laser Doppler xxxx

Histology Core

  • 2 DAKO robotic auto-immunostainers
  • conventional robotic histology system
  • Leica autostainer
  • Leica autoprocessor
  • Leica CM3050 cryostat

Microscopy Core

  • Two Nikon TE2000U inverted fluorescent microscopes, one with Spot camera and a Nikon confocal head equipped for live cell imaging and FRET-based analysis
  • 3 TS100 inverted tissue culture microscopes
  • Microtek dual head microscope with Spot camera
  • Nikon dissecting microscope and Spot camera
  • Laser-Capture Microscope for microdissection (Molecular Machines, Inc)
  • Nikon Fluorescent Microscope and camera
  • FACscalibur, Maestro in vivo animal imaging system

Location, Location, Location

We are located in Springfield, Massachusetts, a city that offers proximity to major biomedical business and research centers, a reasonable cost of doing business, and an outstanding quality of life with a moderate cost of living.

  • 8 medical schools and 13 research universities within 100 miles; more than 700 life-science companies within a 3-hour drive
  • 30-minute drive to Bradley International Airport, 10-minute drive to an Amtrak station with direct service to New York, 90-minute drive to Boston
  • Easy access to resources, scientists, and facilities at Baystate Medical Center (which serves as the western campus of the Tufts University School of Medicine) and the University of Massachusetts Amherst (a top public research university)