Grants Support Research and Development

When the plan for CEAR was developed, the center's founders knew funding would play a key role in expanding our understanding of the important role apoptosis plays in disease. So in partnership with the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative's John Adams Innovation Institute, CEAR offers three grant programs designed to stimulate early-stage research, as well as support projects nearing the translational phase.

Since 2006, these programs have funded dozens of initiatives, such as projects to develop polymers for use in a cancer-specific drug-delivery system, examine whether salmonella can be used to kill tumor cells, and attempt to kill cancer cells by filling them with iron oxide nanoparticles and exposing them to a magnetic field to raise the temperature until the cancer cell dies.

Grants have also been awarded to scientists working on a drug cocktail to prevent heart muscle death following a heart attack and the development of a C. elegans model to study inclusive body myositis, a disease that causes muscle weakness.

This support has been provided through the programs described below. For more information on the grants, please contact CEAR Director Sallie Smith Schneider, PhD, at 413.794.0941 or by e-mail at