Pilot Grants Support a Multidisciplinary Effort to Solve Problems

The CEAR Pilot Grants Program provides funding for multidisciplinary teams of researchers engaged in apoptosis-related projects. Through these collaborations, the initiative aims to support the creation of new therapeutics or help usher existing projects through the commercial development stage.

In addition to diagnostics or therapeutics directly focused on measuring or controlling apoptosis, biomedical applications in which apoptosis plays a significant role may include emerging technologies such as biochemical assays, genetic screens, tissue engineering, cell therapy, stem cells, and cell transplantation.

University of Massachusetts Amherst, Baystate Medical Center, and PVLSI life scientists, physical scientists, engineers, and clinicians who are members of CEAR are invited to submit proposals outlining unique interdisciplinary projects.

For more information about the Pilot Grant Program, please read the program overview (PDF, 61k) and proposal forms (DOC, 147k). To review proposals from previous recipients, visit our awards page.

For more information, please contact Sallie Smith Schneider, PhD, at 413.784.0941 or by e-mail at sallie.schneider@bhs.org.