Translational Grants Support Development of New Technologies

CEAR's Translational Grants Program encourages partnership between CEAR members and industry for research that leads to promising new technologies related to cell death or the application of existing technologies to a clinical setting. In addition to diagnostics or therapeutics directly focused on measuring or controlling apoptosis, biomedical applications in which apoptosis plays a significant role may include emerging technologies such as biochemical assays, genetic screens, tissue engineering, cell therapy, stem cells, and cell transplantation. The goal is to stimulate translational research and promote the development and commercialization of new technologies in collaboration with industry and/or investors.

CEAR-member life scientists, physical scientists, engineers, and clinicians from PVLSI, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Baystate Medical Center are invited to submit proposals outlining unique projects that require collaboration between a company and a CEAR scientist. Recipients of funding are designated John Adams Biomedical Investigators.

Proposals will be evaluated by several criteria, including the strengths of the principal investigators and the project's potential to exploit fundamentally new research niches, develop both external funding and new intellectual property, and lead to commercialization and economic development outcomes.

For more information about the Translational Grants Program, please read the program overview (PDF, 61k) and proposal forms (DOC, 147k).

For more information, please contact Sallie Smith Schneider, PhD, at 413.784.0941 or by e-mail at